Sonobond Ultrasonics website

Sonobond Ultrasonics

The Situation:

Sonobond Ultrasonics – a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic welding and bonding equipment for metals, textiles and other applications– developed its first website in 2001.  We were asked to update their site to give it a “fresh” look… to make it easier to navigate… and to improve its functionality.

Our Solution:

We used the latest developments in website design and coding to …

  • Add an enhanced layout, videos, and slide shows that make the site more visually interesting.
  • Enable visitors to move more easily from one section to another with consistant, interactive navigation.
  • Reorganize content to make it easier to find information on specific subjects.
  • Enhance email and print capabilities.
  • Revise the content and tags for improved search engine optimization (SEO).

The Results:

Sonobond’s website has seen a marked increase in visitors, longer stays, more downloading of information, and improved SEO positioning.

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