Scalable marketing strategies that support your sales goals

Utilizing your marketing budget for maximum impact

Feeling overwhelmed by marketing options? We can help. We offer a menu of proven marketing tactics that combine fresh, innovative approaches with cost-effective techniques that have stood the test of time. Choose one project and scale up as your budget allows.

First, focus on your website. Without a responsive site, you’ll lose leads. Optimize it for conversions to maximize future projects’ effectiveness.

Initial Marketing Project

Maximize Response Orientation and Maintain Effectiveness of your Existing Website
Install tracking and measurement tools, set up inquiry forms and clickable phone numbers, provide Web Master and hosting services, maintain existing SEO, and set up duplicate websites (development and live).
$800/month (Non-eCommerce B2B WordPress Website)

After providing the needed work on your website, we recommend choosing from the following projects that have a track record of good performance for our clients. We use a strategy of first pursuing “low-hanging fruit” – those easily-identified prospects that have the highest interest in your products/services – and then scaling up to more advanced lead generation tactics.

However, we do not recommend consumer print, radio and/or television advertising because of the higher costs and lack of good tracking.

Choose from:

Search Engine Optimization Project

Optimize the SEO on your existing website for one or more vertical markets. Includes creative and content for website landing pages that are targeted to your key audiences, and monthly reports.
$1560/month (Non-eCommerce B2B WordPress Website)

Email Marketing Project

Includes creative and content for initial eBlast, and website landing page with response mechanism. One eBlast will be sent twice each month to your in-house list.
[$1,075/mo. for initial eBlast + $200/mo. for second eBlast sent to same audience] 
[$780 for each landing page]

Pay Per Click Advertising Project

Online advertising using Google Ads. We will manage multiple campaigns across multiple vertical markets using existing search engine optimization.
$1380/mo. Management plus,
$1500/mo. Minimum ad spend budget.

Digital Advertising Project

Create banner ads for target audience websites, trade publication’ websites/eNewsletters and industry associations’ websites/eNewsletters. Includes research, pricing and placement of banner ads on client-selected channels and management of campaign(s).
Cost to be determined by number of unique ads and quantity of ad placements

Non-eCommerce B2B WordPress Website Project

Revision of existing or development of new site.
– Revising existing content (textual and visual)
– Creating new content
– Design website layout theme
– Create response mechanisms: clickable phone numbers, forms, and call to actions
– Search Engine Optimization
– Security, access control, analytics, tracking, compliance, backups, integrations and much more!
Cost to be determined by customer requirements

eCommerce B2B Website Project

Revision of existing or development of ecommerce storefront
Includes everything in our non-ecommerce website project, plus…
– Product, customer and order database development
– Variable price structure and promotions
– Automated notifications of website actions
– Administrative training for ecommerce maintenance
– Custom development, multiple payment methods and much more!
Cost to be determined by customer requirements

Pricing is based on our 30+ years of experience and typical recommendations. Your price will be determined by your specific requirements. All plans require 1 year commitment. This helps us spread out our upfront costs to provide you with affordable monthly payments.

We recommend talking to you to set up a plan that would work best for you. Call 610-648-9363 or fill out the form below.

On average, B2B companies spend 2-5% of their revenue on marketing according to
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