Email marketing for Sonobond Ultrasonics

Sonobond Ultrasonics

Similarly, Sonobond Ultrasonics was deemed an essential business so they could continue supplying machinery that assembles face masks, hospital gowns and other medical supplies. Production delays, however, have resulted from observing CDC guidelines.

We produced and sent two news releases and multiple email blasts that focused on the two most important benefits of their machinery:  strong, sealed barrier seams are created that meet regulatory requirements; the quick assembly speeds and elimination of thread or glue enables manufacturers to increase their production speeds and reduce their production costs.

The news releases were sent to over 30 print/digital publications. We are still tracking pickups, and so far the major trade press is publishing both releases in their Covid-19 sections of eNewsletters, websites, and print.  Up to 3,300 targeted contacts from Sonobond’s inhouse database received one or more eblasts, generating open rates of up to 32% and click rates up to 17%. The response to these efforts, as well as results of Sonobond’s digital ads and Pay-per-Click program, have produced leads that will keep the sales staff busy over the coming weeks and months.

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