We have been comprehensive marketers and business strategists for over 30 years, not narrowly focused website developers, graphic artists, SEO proponents, or admen. Instead, we apply our special expertise in manufacturing and business-to-business industries to create ideal conditions for your company to achieve: increased awareness and knowledge of your products and services; more sales leads; new business opportunities; expanded market share; and a heightened company reputation.

Our proven methods:

1. Prepare

Thorough research grounds our recommendations for your business. We don’t simply parrot back what you tell us.

2. Sow

We combine the best of the latest technologies with marketing strategies that have stood the test of time. 

3. Fertilize

Our marketing solutions are cost-effective and synonymous with your sales goals.

4. Irrigate

Your message must distinguish you from your competition as well as motivate your audience to respond positively.

5. Prune

We don’t propose cookie-cutter, cute, clever or electronic strategies if they won’t produce.

6. Harvest

We track, monitor and tweak to ensure that our methods yield better results than previous efforts.

7. Store

We’ll build on these successes to support additional single projects or produce all-inclusive marketing plans.

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Our Principals


Few other marketing professionals in the greater Philadelphia area can match the many years of successful experience of our principals, both before and after they founded Malvern Communications more than two decades ago. As a client, you can count on their day-to-day attention to creating and managing practical, cost-effective solutions to even your most difficult marketing challenges. Learn more about these experienced professionals: Marcia Thompson or Paul Spoor.